Planning a visit to Shrinersfest? Here are some tips to help you survive like a champ!

Russ Ensley

Comfortable shoes

You're going to be doing a lot of standing & a lot of walking - on hot, dirty asphalt. Wear smart shoes. Your feet will be more comfortable & they'll stay a lot cleaner too!

Take Cash

While many of the booths likely take credit cards, inevitably the one thing you've been dying to eat will be a cash only booth.



The last thing you want is to go home from Shrinersfest looking like a lobster. Do yourself a favor & liberally apply some sunscreen before you go & don't forget to reapply.

Charge Your Phone

Make sure you have plenty of battery on your phone. You know you'll be taking a lot of pictures & video of the festivities and posting to social media. The last thing you want to is to find yourself in need of making an important call only to realize your phone is about to die

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It's going to be HOT HOT HOT this weekend. Be sure you stay hydrated & drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages. No one wants a case of heatstroke!

Follow these tips & you're sure to have a great time at the 2016 Shrinersfest!