Humane Indiana Wildlife has made a Facebook post recently on how bat pups are falling from their roosting places across the state and what to do if you come across one those these tiny and fragile creatures. This post has sparked an important conversation about wildlife, its preservation, and of community safety.

"It's Freakin' Bats!"

Some of us think bats are adorable, and some think they are awful, either way, they are a species that is vital to the ecosystem. While baby bats seem harmless, the species as a whole can carry rabies so it is always best to keep that in mind when approaching wildlife.

While there are many videos on platforms such as YouTube on how to care for baby bats and how to feed them it is always best to leave the care of these animals to the professionals. There are many animal control and conservationist groups in the tri-state area and across Kentucky where they are so prevalent, especially around the state's numerous cave systems.

Take a few moments to view the video below from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for more information on bats that call Kentucky and other local regions home. 

Who to contact in your area?

Each county has licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Here's a list by county from the DNR. 

Bat Species Around the Tristate

There are up to 14 different kinds of bat species in and around Indiana and Kentucky. Some of these populations are waning as they are on the endangered species lists.

Widespread Population

  • Big Brown Bats
  • Little Brown Bats
  • Hoary Bats
  • Silver-Haired Bats
  • Eastern Red Bats
  • Tricolored Bats

Endangered Species of Bats in Our Area

  • Virginia Big-Eared Bats
  • The Indiana Bats
  • The Gray Bat


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