Yesterday, Kat shared a news story with us that there was a man who actually risked his life to run back into his burning home to save his xbox. At first we thought this sounded crazy. But in reality, we all have things that we would want to save.


If my house caught on fire and I had time to grab a handful of items I know exactly what I would be going for. My cell phone is usually in my pocket at all times, so I wouldn't have to worry about grabbing that. The first thing I would go for is my laptop. That is where most of my important documents and photos are all saved. I would even go back into a fire to save it. Something else I would be sure to grab is my car keys. If my house burnt down, not being able to even drive anywhere would just be the icing on the cake. Of course this is all assuming that all of my family and pets are out of the home.


If my home caught on fire, all of my loved ones were safe, and I got a wild hair to run back inside for some material possessions, I would try to pack my arms with as much as I could. I'd dart right to the bedroom and grab my laptop first. It has all of my pictures, music, and life on it. I know this going to sound funny as well, because the story that got this topic started was about a man running back into his burning house to rescue his X-Box, but my next grab would likely be my PlayStation 3. Unfortunately yet realistically, it is probably unlikely that I'd be able to unhook the machine from the television or grab controllers, accessories, and even games. But those things are easier to replace than the vital content on the gaming console itself. Depending on the size and severity of the blaze engulfing my home, I would like to be able to do the same for my Wii U. Luckily all of my gaming consoles are huddled close together and I could do it quickly. I would think I could gather all of these things and be in and out within 30 seconds with only a few minor burns.


If my house were on fire, and my husband, children & kitties were safe, the one thing I would grab (assuming that my phone was already in my pocket) would be a box full of actual photographs of my daughter from birth - toddler years. Those are irreplaceable to me.