With all due respect to the other fine products the Frito Lay company produces, BBQ Fritos have always been by far my favorite. But something happened at some point in time where they mysteriously disappeared from Evansville shelves.

My guess is the Research and Development Department for Frito Lay discovered that sales in this region were down, therefore it's not in the company's best interest to keep producing and delivering them to stores in Evansville. And that saddens me. Not enough to make a frowny-face emoticon mind you, because those are stupid.

Again, no disrespect to the other fine Frito products. I do enjoy the Honey BBQ twists, and Chili Cheese are not bad considering they are the closest in taste to my beloved BBQ, but they're not the same. The BBQ Fritos had the perfect mix of salt, spice, and a little tang that danced on my tongue like...uh...like...midgets that taste like BBQ Fritos (I failed Metaphors 101 in college).

My fear was they just flat out quit making them all together, but a quick "Where to Buy" search on FritoLay.com showed me they are still out there, but only available around here in the Madisonville, Kentucky area. Sorry Fritos, I love you, but I'm not driving a nearly two hour round trip to get you.

That's doesn't mean I'm giving up the fight to get them back. No, I will channel my inner Ryan Gosling in (insert romantic comedy name here), where he thinks he lost the girl, but he refuses to let it happen and will do whatever it takes to get her back — only the Gosling is me, and the girl is BBQ flavored corn chips (now THAT'S a movie I'd watch!). Like everyone else, I've taken my crusade to the only place where people we're hear it, Twitter.

Ryan O'Bryan - Frito Lay Tweet

Now I ask you, fellow salty snack lovers, join me. Join me in this crusade against snack food atrocity! Tweet, e-mail, Facebook, carrier pigeon your concern, nay, your desire to the fine people at Frito Lay, and demand they return BBQ Fritos to where they rightfully belong, our already slightly-overweight bellies!

In case you need some inspiration for battle, here's the speech from Braveheart:

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