I ordered a burger and fries the other day and they were cold. I ate them anyway, because I feel like I can't complain or send it back. What do you do when your food is wrong - or cold?

Cheeseburger with Bacon
Photo: Chad Veldhouse

Mike & I grabbed a couple of burger meals at a local fast food restaurant, and while the food was delivered promptly - I always special order my burgers because I don't like onion on them - the food was cold. I don't mean not hot, & just a little warm. I mean my cheese wasn't melted and the fries were room temperature. I was less than pleased but I didn't feel like I could send it back. We hear all of these food service horror stories, I rarely ever complain about food or send it back unless it is just so inedible that I lose my appetite, in which case I will ask for a refund. This has happened and involved undercooked chicken. I couldn't eat anything for hours I was so grossed out.

But what about that fast food cheeseburger? At the average fast food joint, 2 meals will usually cost you around $10-15.  Not a lot of money by some standards - not like eating at a sit-down restaurant, but think about this... The average person would have to work 1-2 hours (before taxes) to earn enough money to pay for that meal. I don't know about you, but I work hard for my money and when I choose to spend my money with a business, I expect a quality product - at the very least a consistent product... that is edible. I wish they would step up their game.

I'll be honest, I ate my cold cheeseburger and french fries anyway. Why? Because I'm too afraid of what would happen if I complained. What about you? What would you have done? Send it back to be remade? Ask for a refund? Or like me, just eat it anyway?

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