Making Live Action versions of old cartoons like 'Lion King", 'Scooby Doo', and 'Flintstones' seem to be the way to go when Hollywood runs out of new ideas. While some cartoons transfer well to the big screen, others have left well enough alone!

One of my favorite cartoons when I was kid was the 'Jetsons'! I used to love how as pre-historic the 'Flintstones' were, the 'Jetsons' were THE family of the future. I couldn't wait until there were flying cars, robot maids, and 20-hour work weeks (that actually paid the bills)!

Until now, I didn't think the technology was good enough to accurately portray the futuristic landscape of the Jetsons universe will the cloud-high buildings on stilts, the flying car that folds into a briefcase, and especially 'Rosie' the robot! I could totally see Nicholas Cage playing 'George Jetson' and Danny Devito as 'Mr. Spacely'! Someone PLEASE make this happen!

If you can make a live action version of any cartoon, what would it be? Leave your answers in the comment box!

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