"Will you marry me?" Sometimes, these four potentially life-changing words can become four extremely awkward words.

It's hard to believe that in a world where Kim Kardashian gets married to boost ratings, there are some people who actually turn down the chance to walk down the aisle.

A new study has broken down just why people reject proposals. More than 2,100 people who've said no when someone popped the question to them explained why they spurned the offer to begin thinking about centerpieces and writing their own vows.

Most Popular Reasons for Rejecting a Proposal:

1. Unromantic proposal setting -- 67%
2. Poor ring choice -- 53%
3. Bad wording of the proposal -- 51%
4. Lack of trust in the relationship -- 39%
5. Scared of the commitment -- 36%

Getting rejected is already painful enough, but consider this: 39% of respondents claim they said no in public. Ouch.

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