The woman who made a video criticizing fat people is not backing down.

Comedian Nicole Arbour made waves earlier this month with a YouTube video called "Dear Fat People," in which she blasts overweight people for their size. Note the NSFW language.

Arbour (who scored viral success with her open letter to Instagram models) has taken a lot of heat for her video, in which she is anything but subtle in mocking fat people, but she stands by the video. She told TIME:

I find seeing someone’s head being blown off offensive. I find children starving in a country with more than enough food offensive. I find women’s bodies being mutilated for religious purposes, that is offensive to me. But words and satire I don’t find offensive."

She is also pleased her clip has created a dialogue. "I’m not apologizing for this video, but if someone got something from it, then that’s great, fantastic," she said. "Comedy with a message, let’s do it."

Arbour's video, in which she also argues being fat is a "race card with no race," has won her supporters and detractors (which include supermodel Chrissy Teigen). Note some NSFW language in the tweets below.

What do you think? Was Arbour being funny or is she just being mean?

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