This may sound like a really strange story, unless you follow Wendy's on Twitter, in which case you would in no way be surprised.


Wendy's, yes the fast food chain, is notorious for being king of social media.  That sweet little redhead who's never gotten any older over the last several decades is kind of a SAVAGE online!  She's not afraid to call out competing burger joints and point out their flaws, and they've amassed an impressive following.  Websites like Buzzfeed have compiled lists about how funny and harsh Wendy's can be on social media.  But this weekend, Wendy's reached their pinnacle.


On Friday, Wendy's released an official mixtape.  You're probably thinking to yourself, "a mixtape?  Don't only rappers drop mixtapes?"  And the answer is, pretty much...  But not anymore!  Wendy's has gotten into the rap game!


I bet I also know what your second question is:  "A fast food restaurant released a mixtape?  It HAS to be garbage, right?"  In this case however, you would be WRONG!  That's right, Wendy's mixtape is actually LEGIT!


The mixtape is called "We Beefin'" and the cover art appears to be a parody of Notorious B.I.G.'s debut album "Ready to Die."  "Beefin'" is more than just a play on words, they figuratively roast their competition and call other restaurants out by name...  McDonalds has been licking the wounds all weekend!


The album is actually getting a TON OF LOVE!  You can listen short clips in the audio player below.  My personal favorite is Rest in Grease.


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