Take a behind the scenes look at Kat's little corner of the office here at KISS-FM. SPOILER: There is a 5-foot Frosty and a faux fireplace!

I spend the bulk of my day in the studio with Rob in my headphones but outside of the studio, I have a desk and a cubicle so I can do the rest of my days' work as Promotions Director for KISS. See my work space...

I'm a little weird - or maybe I'm just a little lazy. It is possible that I am such a busy person that things like loading a 5-foot tall snowman into my car just keeps getting bumped to the bottom of my to-do list. Really, though, it's probably that I'm just lazy. Eventually I will return the Frosty to my friend and I'll likely take down the fireplace and the brick craft paper but for now... It's like Christmas in March!


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