We men like to "talk the talk", but how do we hold up when it comes time to "walk the walk"? Based on the experience these to guys put themselves through, the answer is, "not very well".

I had a front row seat for the birth of both my children, and while I'll (hopefully) never experience the pain equivalent of passing another living human through my body, I got a pretty good idea of how unpleasant it is by watching her push, squeeze, grunt, etc. Now before you come at me with the pitchforks and torches, let me say that I realize that even by witnessing it first-hand, I will never, NEVER completely understand the pain that is associated with the "miracle of birth". Are we good? Great.

However, if I wanted to, I guess I could do what these guys did and volunteer to have electrodes connected to my abdomen that essentially shocks the muscles into contracting  like they do when a woman gives birth to a child, but after watching these guys squirm and scream, I'll just take a woman's word for it and assume that it is hell.