If you tuned in to The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West...  With Liberty this morning there's a good chance you heard us discussing the Brat Toss that kicked off Volksfest last night.  Our performance was undeniably embarrassing and disappointing, and we made no excuses about that this morning.  Don't ask me why we're doing this to ourselves, but we have video of this debacle and we decided to share it with you!


The rules of The Brat Toss are simple...  Strange, but simple.  The bratwursts are thrown backwards from one blindfolded contestant (The Rob) to another contestant across the room (Liberty) who has to catch the brats in her apron.


In the end, we were able to catch only one out of seven bratwursts.  If you're wondering what the other moment of excitement is, that is when history is made because Rob managed to toss one of the brats into a trash can!


A few things to note in our defense:


- IN LIBERTY'S DEFENSE - The rules were not clear.  There was a line taped on the floor that she assumed you could not cross...  Otherwise WHY WOULD THERE BE A LINE?!  It turns out, you are allowed to cross the line, which would have made all of the difference in the world!


- IN ROB'S DEFENSE - He's blindfolded, and the official who was giving him the brats and giving him advice was giving him bad advice.  So if he threw too hard, the advice he was being given was, "throw harder."  Thanks, pal!


- IN BOTH OF OUR DEFENSE - Because we didn't know we could cross the line, Liberty didn't know she could come up to Rob and give him REAL advice, something other teams were doing after them.


- ALSO - We have no idea why the announcer is calling The Rob "The Robe."  You'll have to ask him that.


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