The Ford Center was at capacity last night, for President Trump's Rally. You would think that with over 11,000 people in one place, there would be a lot of chaos and heckling. That wasn't the case at all. Almost everyone in attendance was on their best behavior. Seriously, I've seen more people removed during country concerts at the Ford Center!

Fun Fact: It's actually illegal to protest any area the Secret Service is protecting. That's why there are certain areas that protesters can go, and express their opinions. So, anyone who caused a disturbance inside the Ford Center, or the area outside that was guarded by Secret Service, was removed. Thankfully, that only happened a couple of times, from what I saw personally.

In the video, you'll see a woman escorted out by Secret Service. She yelled something. during the President's speech, and was shut down very quickly. The second clip shows 3 ladies getting walked out, without anyone really noticing. I saw them raise a sign that said "Dump Trump", and as soon as they raised it, they were swooped away.

I've never seen so many Police Officers in one spot! They all did an amazing job with crowd control, and keeping everyone safe. I tried to get a pic of Phil Smith, working with Secret Service, without him noticing LOL!

Check out Phil Smith with the Evansville Police Department! Photo by Liberty

And the award for Most Awkward Selfie goes to...Me #ImADork

Oh, hey there professional news guy. Don't mind me over here admiring your stage makeup!