When Evansville resident, and special effects make up artist, Cassandra Baker needed to cast a male face in plaster, I answered the call.

Cassandra put the request on Facebook, with a warning that those who have a tendency for claustrophobia need not apply as the process would require complete coverage of the eyes and mouth. Despite developing a mild case of claustrophobia the older I've become, I decided to push past that concern and I sent her a message to tell her I'd do it.

The whole process was done in Cassandra's kitchen and took roughly 30 to 45 minutes total. I'm glad I did it, the whole process was pretty cool to be a part of, and I'm proud to say I never freaked out even though the only way I could breathe was through my nose. Fortunately, my nostrils are the size of train tunnels so getting air into my system was never a problem.

This isn't the first time I've let Cassandra play with my face (I know that sounds weird, but I don't know any other way to put it). Back in October, she stopped by the station to show off her talent for horror make up by making it look like I had lost an eye in some horrific accident. Check this out!

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