This misses the point of the "#MeToo movement


The #MeToo movement has been going strong for the past few months and people have been sharing their opinions on social media and in public for a while. Most are supportive, but some believe it's only being done for attention and will eventually go away. Whatever your opinion is (which is hopefully the first one), you might not expect a church a billboard to weigh-in.

In a Facebook post, one New Albany, IN resident shared the controversial sign that is currently outside the Emmanuel Baptist Church:

Personally, I find the sign incredibly tone-deaf and offensive to anyone has been the victim of any sort of sexual harassment or sexual assault. The tired implication that anyone who is a victim of such behavior was "asking for it" based on their dress needs a swift death. Anyone wearing anything can be the victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

However, what do you think? Do you think there is a validity to what the sign says or are you more inclined to agree with me? Post your thoughts below!

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