Apparently there's a legend around Evansville that Turoni's "House Special" will send a woman into labor. Did it work for me? 

I love Turoni's Pizza and Brewery - I don't think you're allowed to live in Evansville if you don't. But it wasn't until I was at my doctor's appointment last week that I heard of Turoni's "secret" menu item that apparently sends women into labor.


I was asking my doctor if any of the old wives tales about inducing labor naturally were true. Some people say that having a lot of sex will help the baby come out, some say drink castor oil, some people say exercise. I was curious if there was any truth to these, so I went straight to the source - my OBGYN.

Unfortunately, she informed me that the baby will come out when he's good and ready, and there's really nothing that will dramatically speed that up. HOWEVER, she did mention that there's a legend in Evansville that Turoni's House Special will send a woman into labor. Of course, as a medical professional, she couldn't totally support this theory, but she felt it was worth mentioning. I mean, she does see dozens of pregnant women each day, so if she found it worth mentioning, I found it worth trying.


The House Special consists of pizza sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, pepperoncinis and tomatoes. Now, I'm not a huge fan of veggies on my pizza, especially onions and mushrooms (YUCK), but I committed to eating the pizza as-is because I thought altering it might lower its effect.

About 30 minutes after my first few slices, my belly started tossing and turning - literally.

One hour after eating the House Special, the baby was still very active...which is a little abnormal this late in the pregnancy. Normally when you're this far along, you get big kicks and movements ever so often, but the pizza really pepped my boy up.

By hour two, he was still up and at it. Here's my hour two update:

But then, by hour three...something CRAZY happened.



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