Holiday World is officially open for its 73rd season!

How convenient is it for us in here in the Tri-State to be a short drive away from a place like Holiday World? It's like a smaller (but not for long) version of Disney World. Holiday World is changing every year, and we were lucky enough to check out the park before it officially opened for the season.

The newest addition this year is the Santa's Merry Marketplace, formerly known as Kringle's Cafe. Now there's more seating and five different restaurants to eat from: pizza and pasta, the american grill with burgers, chicken, fish, a kid's cafe with mac and cheese and chicken tenders, a deli with sandwiches, and an Asian cuisine.

4th generation owner Lauren Crosby gave us the inside scoop on all the new amenities! Take a look:


As Lauren mentioned, there's also a huge expansion to one of our favorite spots in the park - DIPPIN' DOTS. Just a forewarning -- they have Dippin' Dots floats now. Yes, you read that right. We got a sample of their new mint Oreo Dippin' Dots and holy moly they were excellent.


We also ran into longtime listener Lauren and her family while we tried out some new food from Santa's Merry Marketplace. Both Lauren and her three girls said they gave Holiday World an A+++.


Overall, what do we give Holiday World?




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