A video is going viral of one of the new Chicago Bears players drafted this past weekend from the University of Illinois because he works out by pushing a Dodge Ram, you can watch it here!

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The Chicago Bears needed to draft multiple offensive linemen this past weekend during the NFL draft in Las Vegas and they did, including an interior offensive lineman from the University of Illinois named Doug Kramer who went viral when he was selected in the 6th round because of a video of him working out by pushing a full-size Ram pickup truck.

In an article from heavy.com, they said this about the viral video sensation...

"Kramer, an Illinois native, attended Hinsdale Central High School before becoming a five-year starter for the Illini...The 6-foot-2, 305-pound Kramer is experienced, playing in 39 games in college, but a primary knock on him is his lack of strength due to his frame...While it’s (the video) got zero to do with his on-field production, it’s a fun and encouraging display of strength considering that’s one of the main criticisms surrounding him.

I love this video for a number of reasons, first of all, it was taken during the pandemic when the players had to go home and didn't have access to the school weight room and training facility, so it is cool to see how these guys were working out and trying to stay in shape during that time. But the main reason I love it is that I am a Chicago Bears fan and the Bears need help along the offensive line, and while draft picks (especially ones in the later rounds) don't always pan out, this video gives me some hope that maybe this kids could be a good player for my team.

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