Meet Chef Kobe The Cutest One-Year-Old Cook EVER
One-Year-Old Kobe Wian is like an overnight Instagram sensation.   While home during the pandemic his mom discovered he loves to cook and ran with it.  She started his own Kobe Eats "Insta" page and it blew up!
Angel here and I first discovered his videos scrolling th…
See Ryan Test Out YouTube Tricks You Didn't Know Existed
While perusing, I stumbled across a video that revealed hidden novelties within the site that really don't help or hinder the YouTube experience, but are features that make you go, "Well, isn't that something." Of the six shared by BuzzFeed, these are the thr…
YouTube Rewind of 2013 [VIDEO]
There were a lot of memorable moments on YouTube this year. From music videos to trending commercials, YouTube was the place to find it.
I think my favorite part of this video is the fact that they use 'YouTube Celebrities,' like Jenna Marbles, to reenact the videos...

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