The cruelest part may be that it wasn't permanent.

A note to my friends a family, if you're ever going to pull a prank on me, please let it be this one.

A group of friends in New Zealand got together to pull a pretty elaborate prank on their buddy (or "mate" as they call them down under) by hooking every water faucet in his house up to a beer keg hidden in the crawl space.

As far as pranking goes, this one ranks pretty high on my list. However, there is one small, minor, teeny-tiny thing you should know; the whole thing essentially a marketing scheme by a New Zealand beer company called, Tui.

After rumors began to surface of the company's involvement, a spokesman came forward to admit they did have a hand in the whole thing, but pointed out the pranksters and prankee are legit friends, and no one involved was paid for their time or labor.

Marketing ploy, or no marketing ploy, it's a pretty ingenious idea, and one that I imagine will be popping up in frat houses across the world soon.

If you don't have much time, here's the condensed version of the ruse.

If you do have time, and want a better idea of how they managed to put this thing together, here's the full, seven minute version.