Snoop Doggy Dogg and Timbaland have teamed up with Western Union for a modern day revival of one of America's most bizarre communications traditions...


The Singing Telegram!


That's right...  The Singing Telegram.  Western Union invented the concept in 1933, but over the past several decades, The Singing Telegram has faded from relevance into obscurity (much like the telegraph itself).


But this holiday season, look for Western Union's Singing Telegram to make a small revival.  Now down over the internet, you can deliver an e-singing telegram to your loved one.  You're welcome to use your own voice, or utilize professional singers like Snoop or Timbaland.


If you're interested in the Singing Telegrams, which I can't imagine you would be, but if you are you can visit beginning today.


If you could receive a singing telegram from ANY musician, who would you pick?  I'd probably want Eminem to see how he'd cut up on me.  Maybe Ke$ha because she'd probably want to spend the night.  PerhapsSoulja Boy so I could slam the door in his face.  Or maybe Justin Bieber so he could get me pregnant.  The posibilities are endless!

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