If you've found yourself in some sort of funk after April the Giraffe finally gave birth on a live stream from the Harpursville, New York Zoo earlier this year, I have good news! There's a new miracle of life waiting to make its debut, and it's right here in Evansville!

Amelia the Goat is currently sitting in her stall ready to give birth to a new kid, and her owners at Goebel Farms in northern Vanderburgh County are allowing us all to witness it as it happens with a live stream on YouTube.

As you can see (depending on when you're reading this), Amelia looks like she's ready to burst at the seams. According to the Goebel Farms website, she could welcome her new offspring any day now!

Be sure to check back frequently so you don't miss out on the little bundle of joy.

For more information on Amelia, or the Fall activities planned at Goebel Farms, including their Star Wars themed corn maze, check out their official website.

[Source: Goebel Farms]

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