Forget about those purebred pups they show off on TV. Around here, rescued is our favorite breed and on September 10, 2022, we, along with our other Townsquare Media sister stations, will be celebrating the rescue dogs in our community with the first-ever Muttsminster Rescue Dog Show hosted by Daisy's New Beginnings.

Muttminster Rescue Dog Show

As its name implies, the Muttminster Rescue Dog Show is for rescued dogs only. The family (and pet!) friendly event will take place at the Henderson County Fairgrounds in Henderson, Kentucky and everyone is welcome to attend. The event is free to spectators.

Daisy's New Beginnings
Daisy's New Beginnings


Meet Daisy's New Beginnings

Daisy's New Beginnings is an area 501c 3 non-profit that helps provide emergency medical care for homeless animals in our local pet shelters and rescues including It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue, New Hope Rescue, and PAAWS. Daisy's New Beginnings has a passion for helping.

Whether it is helping a dog in a shelter get the major medical care required so that it will be able to find a loving home or just trying to find an owner a companion dog that makes each day happier.  Our mission is to provide the financial assistance needed to create the opportunities for a fresh start for both the dogs and people who need our help the most.

When a shelter or rescue receives a dog that requires major medical care in order to become eligible for adoption, our mission is to help provide the financial resources required to make that happen.

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Winners for the Muttminster Rescue Dog Show will be determined with a percentage of their total votes coming from online voting (keep scrolling to cast your vote in three categories: Best Dressed, Best Smile, and Best Hair). In addition to online voting, scores will be calculated on the day of the show by a panel of esteemed judges and animal rescue advocates.

Photo by Jeremy Stewardson on Unsplash

What to Expect at Muttminster Rescue Dog Show

A live dog show will be held on Saturday, September 10th from 11 am to 3 pm at the Henderson County Fairgrounds located at 383 Sam Ball Way in Henderson, Kentucky. During the show, participants will walk the arena to determine who will go home as the top dogs. There will be area food trucks on site, as well as adoptable dogs looking for their forever homes from some of our favorite area rescues including:

Cast Your Votes Now

The competition is RUFF but you can cast your votes now in all three categories: Best Dressed, Best Hair, and Best Smile! You can come back and vote once per hour, and don't forget to share with your friends so they can vote too! Voting will end at 11:00 am CST on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Best Dressed


Best Hair


Best Smile

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