Vince Staples was the subject of conversation after a Pitchfork report surfaced that he purportedly dissed Eminem’s anti-Trump freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. On Saturday (Oct. 14), Staples went on Twitter denying that he dissed Em and blasted Pitchfork for concocting a story for clickbait views.

According to Pitchfork, Staples spoke at the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art and jokingly told the crowd that Eminem's freestyle was trash. “He can do better," he said.

Staples went on to suggest that if he were to rap those same lyrics, it would be taken less seriously: “If I said, ‘This is for Colin / Ball up a fist / And keep it balled up / Like Donald the bitch,’ they would be like, ‘Get this n---- out of here.’”

On Twitter, Staples wanted to make it clear that he doesn't have a problem with Eminem and that he was only joking. He slammed Pitchfork for taking his jokes out of context.

"The mnm statement was all in good fun I like him & Kim. @Pitchfork took it out of context because they thirsty. Lemme get these jokes off," he tweeted. "How we gonna clown [Xxxtentacion] for rapping like a sorcerer on XXL but let [Em] go full assasins creed & then deny me the right to my jokes."

"Me not being able to make jokes about mnm is white supremacy @pitchfork don’t make me call Cornell West," he continued. "If Eminem was black he would be Redman. I love them both very much."

Staples spent much of his Saturday responding to fans who felt that he tried to subliminally take a shot at Eminem. Read some of his tweets below.

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