Eminem’s shows are usually exciting, but his headlining set at the 2018 Bonnaroo Music Festival was a little too stimulating for at least one concertgoer.

The Detroit rhymer was performing at Bonnaroo on Saturday night (June 9) and at the end of his performance of “Kill You” gunshot sounds are played. According to Billboard, fans screamed and ducked when they heard the large blast coming from the speakers. The publication notes that concertgoers are a little unedged following the deadly mass shooting at last year’s Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas.

The gunshot sounds at Em’s set struck a nerve with social media star Andrea Russett who was in attendance at the Tennessee festival. He expressed his trauma on his Twitter account.

"I hate to be the one to say it, but being someone who suffers from very mild PTSD, it was EXTREMELY irresponsible and distasteful to end songs [with] the shot gun sound effect," Russett tweeted. "I have grown up loving eminem and his music but i was extremely triggered to the point of tears."

Another fan also expressed concerned about the gunshot sounds. "When Eminem let off the gunshot sound effect the whole place went silent because we all thought it was real," the user tweeted.

"Worst decision ever to ask @Eminem to play, @bonnaroo," wrote another fan. "My night was awesome but now I'm in absolute tears and shaking because I thought the multiple gunshots from his performance from across Centeroo were real. This is not OK."

Some fans came to Eminem's defense, noting that the Grammy-winning rhymer has been using the gunshot sound effects for years during his past concerts

"If you can’t handle a sound of a gunshot, do not go to an Eminem concert Andrea Russett," tweeted one person.

Reps for Eminem had no comment about the rapper's Bonnaroo set.

Check out the reactions below.

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