Is there anything worse than killing another living, breathing soul?

How about bragging about it on Facebook?

Police in St. Louis have arrested Adrienne Martin, 35, after she set a dog on fire that died and then boasted about it on the social network.

The dog, named Brownie, was found alive in the backyard of a house by animal welfare officials. He later died and gruesome photos of him can be seen.

Martin went onto Facebook earlier this month to let everyone know about her exploits, writing such cold-hearted updates as, "I'm on killa mode," "I mean what I say and I say what I" and another one that she tagged with #laughingeveryday. It appears as if the Facebook account has since been deactivated.

Martin initially denied setting the dog on fire, but later confessed.

As for motive, well, it turns out the pooch belonged to her sister-in-law. Martin claimed she had to bring her son to the hospital after Brownie bit the boy.


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