Aw. Valentine's Day... A day of flowers and chocolates and... blah... blah... blah...

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that I really just don't understand. I mean I get it... you show your special someone that you care with expensive flowers, mass produced chocolates, and a greeting card. But why? Think about this. Why on this day? And before you ask, no I am not single or bitter. I may be a bit of a cynic, but I also like to think that I am practical. Shouldn't you tell the person you love that you love them every day? Shouldn't you show them that you love them every day?

Pretty flowers? They are a great gift - any other day of the year, when they are least expected. A nice dinner? This should be a regular occurrence with every couple - even if it's made at home. A sweet card? Make them a random "I'm thinking of you" gift any day of the year.

Now, I am not saying that you should ignore the day of love and hearts all together, but why spend a bajillion dollars on just this one day to say "I love you?" Say it every day and more importantly, show it every day. In my opinion, it's the small, sweet gestures throughout the whole year that really say how you feel.

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