The sheriffs office has identified the body that was found badly burned in a remote area of Warrick County. 

On Friday afternoon, turtle hunters discovered what appeared to be badly burned human remains in Warrick County. The remains were discovered n a side road one mile west of the intersection of Seven Hills and Wasson Road, according to Eyewitness News.

While the remains were severely burnt, the hunters said in the 911 call that they were certain what they'd found. The call was obtained by Eyewitness News and said the following:

“Is it obvious it’s a human?” said the dispatcher. “Yeah we’re 95% sure,” the caller said.

Over the weekend, the Sheriff’s Office asked for the community’s help to identify the woman. They shared she had a frog tattoo on her left foot.

After numerous tips, she’s been identified but her identity has not been released.

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