Every week we try to help our friends at the Warrick Humane Society try to find a home for one of their one of their animals.  But this sweet girl, Spring, is special.

Last week, we posted a heartbreaking blog about a dog at the Warrick Humane Society who'd never had a home. Spring is a 1-year-old sweetheart who had been passed up in shelters for her entire life. She had never had a real home and we couldn't understand why. We say it about every animal, but there was something special about Spring. She was SO sweet and affectionate. We knew we needed to do whatever we could to get her into a loving home.

So, with the help of Facebook, we posted about Spring and were surprised how many "likes" and "shares" her blog received. So thank you, Facebook followers, for helping this sweet girl find a home. Sure enough, within a day, Spring already had people lining up to meet her.

But, one family in particular was really interested in giving sweet Spring the life she deserved. The family is friends with Maddie and saw Maddie's post about Spring on Facebook. They have a little girl who wanted a puppy so bad, and a new house with a big back yard for her to run around in. It's the perfect timing and the perfect fit.

They ventured out to the Warrick Humane Society over the weekend and fell in love with Spring. Her new name will be Luna, but she's going by Luna Spring until she's used to just Luna. Their little girl was obsessed with her new best friend and they spent hours playing with her. By the end of the day, Spring was adopted and the family is even more complete than before with their new furry addition!

Spring will be comfortable and cozy in her new home by mid-week this week, after papers are finalized. She will have a life-long companion in her tiny human friend and her new parents.

We hope every story we share can end up like Luna Spring's! Thank you to everyone on Facebook who shared the post and helped find this sweet girl a home. It wouldn't have been possible without the compassion of our listeners. We will surely post updates of Luna Spring in her new home!

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