Angel here!  It has finally arrived.  One of my favorite neighborhood sales in history.  Every year in September the residents of Town & Country host a huge sale to share their delightful goods with others.

I have found some of my most treasured items at this sale.  I bought Charlotte a dollhouse before she was born for super cheap (all furniture and dolls included) and when she is older we will fix it up together.

Many people actually bring their golf carts out for the sale and load them full of items.  I usually bring a wagon with me and part at one end of the neighborhood and work my way around.

Here are a few suggestions to make your experience more enjoyable;

  • Find a parking spot and leave your vehicle.
  • Unless you are in great shape I would suggest taking the neighborhood in sections.
  • Bring cash and change so that you can pay the exact amount.
  • Stash some extra reusable bags of your own in the car to carry along with you.
  • Make sure to wear tennis shoes because you will be doing some walking.
  • Leave water in the car so you can stay hydrated.

Numerous clothing finds household treasures and so much more.

So now you may be asking yourself where is this?  Town & Country is located off Tamarack Road behind the old Texas Gas building.  There are 100's of sales and lots of good deals.

Some sales may actually be happening today and the rest will start on Saturday morning.

Happy Bargain Hunting Friends!

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