The 1980s had everything; big hair, great style, and unforgettable television shows. So many iconic shows were born in the 80's. Most of the 1980s was almost 30 years ago! Still, many of the iconic shows of the 80's are popular favorites still today. Without further adieu, here are 12 TV shows we miss from the 1980s:

1) The Cosby Show
The iconic show for wholesome family values, The Cosby Show showcased the Huxtable family, an upper-middle-class African-American family with high ethical and moral standards. With a fun-loving doctor dad and a house full of funny, sassy kids, this show was an instant success in the 1980's.

2) The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls is nothing short of being as its title suggests: golden. Following the stories and relationships of four older women sharing a home in Florida, The Golden Girls set the bar for geriatric comedy. Who doesn't love The Golden Girls?

3) Cheers
'Where everybody knows your name,” the fun-loving classic Cheers focused on ex-major league baseball star Sam Malone, and his bar aptly named Cheers. Cheers, however, was less actually less about Sam and his bar, and more about the people who frequented it and their conversations and lives. Cheers has become a television legend.

4) Full House
Who can forget the sweet and lovable Tanner family? Three goofy brothers under one roof, just trying to live their lives! Let's be honest, though: Michelle Tanner definitely stole the show and made it the huge pop culture show that it is known for being today. Michelle really had those facial expressions, assertive personalities, and that sassy flair! Thanks, Olsen twins!

5) Saved By The Bell
Saved by the Bell was the pre-teen and teenage target audience's show of the late 80's. Generally well received, many of the characters of the show themselves became iconic throughout the 80's and 90's. A show based on teenage relationships and high-school interaction, young audiences really loved Saved By The Bell.

6) Family Matters
No one can think about Family Matters without thinking of Steve Urkel. Steve's voice rings as clear as day in my ears as he snorts his iconic line, “Did I do that?” A show centered around a cop and his family, it promoted wholesome morals and ethical values. However, the nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel continually steals the show and makes everything funny. You gotta love him!

7) Married... With Children
Married… With Children centers around the life of the likable but sarcastic Al, and his wife and two kids. Generally, the story lines involve Al getting himself into some debacle but working his way out of it. Married… With Children was a huge household hit in the 80's and ran for several seasons!

8) Miami Vice
Two undercover Miami policemen work to solve cases and do it in style in the 1980's hit Miami Vice. Known for its visuals and new wave music and concepts, Miami Vice became a hit among people everywhere in the mid-80's. Still to this day, it receives praise and recognition for being one of the best television series of its kind.

9) Growing Pains
This is a show not only known as much for the show as it is for its famous stars. Alan Thicke played the doctor dad, while then heartthrob Kirk Cameron played his son. In the end of the show, Leonardo DiCaprio even joined the cast! A star-studded cast and a great family sitcom, Growing Pains was one popular 80's show.

10) Quantum Leap
Sci-Fi geeks around the world unite! It is Scott Bakula time! I had to include Quantum Leap in this list because it was one of the only popular sci-fi shows of the decade. Even people who didn't normally watch science fiction would watch Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap. With a unique concept, great cast, and wonderful story lines, Quantum Leap made its mark on the 1980's.

11) Star Trek: The Next Generation
Sticking with the Sci-Fi theme for a moment, Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the most highly regarded science fiction shows of all time. Of course, with it stemming as an extension from the original Star Trek, it wasn't expected to do nearly as well as it did. However, with a fantastic and diverse cast, captivating storytelling, and tales with ethics and morals at the forefront, Star Trek: The Next Generation has become a phenomenon all around the globe. (Sidenote: This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.)

12) Who's The Boss?
Finally, Who's the Boss? starred Tony Danza as a retired baseball player turned housekeeper for a single, recently divorced successful business executive. It became one of the most popular shows of the 1980's due to its unique plot and complex character relationships. Winning several awards and being nominated for multiple others, Who's The Boss? really dominated 80's sitcoms and ratings.

There were so many great 80's TV shows that I couldn't list them all, so here are some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the cut including Murphy Brown, 21 Jump Street, Alf, Unsolved Mysteries, Doogie Howser, MD, Mystery Science Theater 3000, St. Elsewhere, Murder She Wrote, Perfect Strangers, Knight Rider, Dynasty, and The A-Team.

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