Today (Tuesday June 26th, 2018) there is a "marginal risk" for severe weather in the Tri-State.  Be prepared for potential rain, thunder, lightning, strong winds, and even hail pretty much all day today.


We spoke to WEHT/Eyewitness News Weatherman Joe Bird this morning on The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West...  With Liberty.  He told us today's forecast is very much like yesterday's, which has a low-level marginal risk.  But, to our surprise, he even informed us that a TORNADO actually touched down in Beaver Dam/Ohio County yesterday!  And also remind you, it was a "marginal risk" for severe weather that took down a freaking tree in my front yard last month!  SO PLEASE be careful in the Tri-State this week!


Here is what Joe told us yesterday about the weather, and supposedly today's weather should look like yesterday's:

"There is a marginal risk.  It's not the biggest threat level.  In fact, it's the lowest threat level.  For the threats today, it will be damaging wind and large hail...  Isolated chance for a storm.  A storm might pop up and it might turn severe - just be on the lookout for it.  There's going to be showers off and on."


As always, you can keep your eyes on this website, listen to 106.1 KISS-FM on the radio, or download the 106.1 KISS-FM for severe weather updates.


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