A sweet moment between a 2-year-old boy and a pizza delivery driver was caught on video and is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

Sometimes I really think kids can sense emotions on a whole other level than adults. I mean, some days my kids just seem to know that I could use some extra snuggles.

Well, this 2-year-old boy in West Warwick, R.I., somehow seemed to know that his pizza delivery man could use a hug -- and gave him one.

And sure, he could have just been excited and hugged the guy who was bringing him his tasty dinner, but I'd like to think there was more to this cute moment, and here's why.

ABC6 spoke with the delivery man, Ryan Catterson, and it turns out he had just lost his 16-year-old daughter last week.

Catterson's daughter lived in California with his ex-wife, had struggled with mental health and recently passed away unexpectedly.

Clearly there was no way this young boy could possibly know that, but somehow he saw that Catterson could use a hug, and happily gave him one.

It's so touching and so adorable, I can't even stand it.

It's one of those times when you have to love social media and the reach it can have.

According to ABC 6, the boy's mom, Lindsey Sheely, shared the video on her social pages and it made its way to Catterson. I'm so happy it made its way even further than that so we could share this incredible moment of kid kindness too.

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