Hey, Y'all Angel here, and today I am throwing it way back to when I was a kid and momma and I would make homemade popsicles in Tupperware molds.

I found my momma's molds the other day and showed the kids.  I thought they wouldn't think they were very cool but literally since we made our first set of popsicles they have been making new ones each night when they get home.

Over the years Tupperware has changed the molds to be easier to use and they even have colored ones.  The set I have is just plain no color but they are super special to me because they came from my momma.

Here's a healthy way to make fudge sicles with two-ingredients;

The kids and I made the Fourth of July pops with Sharkleberry Kool-Aid and Red, White, and Blue Sour Patch Kids.

You can use anything you want to make them.  Tucker has used Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Peach Nehi pretty much anything he finds that is a liquid that he likes.


PINTEREST has tons of recipes for homemade popsicle molds

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