Okay, so I'm absolutely certain that some of you who are reading this will be turned off by what I'm about to say and that's okay. Trust me, I get it! Recently, I discovered something that I've always considered kind of commonplace in our home is frowned upon by some. That 'something' is buying (and gifting) used items.

Earlier this year, a friend offered a pre-loved Barbie RV to me and I snatched it up. I gave it to my daughter and she had friends over to play Barbies - they all loved the RV. I mean, it does have a pool! A few days later, one of the dads asked me where I got the RV and I told him it was used. He explained that they were $80 to purchase new and he wanted to get one for his daughter for Christmas. I suggested getting a pre-loved one too. They aren't terribly hard to find. Though very kind about it, he didn't think giving his daughter a used Barbie toy was up his alley.

Now, I will admit that in the past I have purchased a Barbie house and several Barbies from my cousin for my daughter for Christmas. I scrubbed it up, applied some new stickers, and washed and rebraided some doll hair. For the price I would have paid for two new dolls, my girl had a house, Barbies, accessories, and clothes. We also picked up a used PowerWheels toy that looked brand new for her birthday last year.

Buying and gifting used is something I grew up with. My mom picks up fun garage sale finds throughout the year and squirrels them away for Christmas. I never thought it was weird - I thought it was fun! Some of my favorite vintage items have been gifted at Christmas and we would rather scour antique and consignment shops for treasures than go to the mall any day.

I even found a really cute outfit for her at the Mission Store last night. For $5 she is getting a designer jacket, shirt, and a necklace! (Don't read that part, mom.) And my daughter and I had fun searching the store to find just the right thing! Now, of course we wash it and fold it up nicely but I know my mom doesn't care that it was used. In fact, she's happy that I'm recycling and helping a great cause!

So, what do you think? Would you gift used toys, homegoods, or clothes for Christmas or only buy new? And let's keep the conversation judgement free because the world is better that way! :)

Here are some of my favorite thrift stores in the tristate. What are yours?

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