The Rob

I've been a part of a few weddings in the past few years. All of these weddings were a great time, however there were some small 'hiccups' that could possibly warrant a redo. For example, one wedding I was in the bridal party decided to crash the bachelor party. Without getting into detail, she shouldn't have done that. I was also a groomsman in a wedding where the groom accidentally left the ring in my apartment, and didn't realize until it was time to put it on the bride's finger. It's a funny story now, but the poor guy must have been HORRIFIED when it occurred to him that he had misplaced her WEDDING RING!

Kat Mykals

Since I've been married 3 times I have had the chance at the #WeddingRedo... twice. If I am being totally honest, if I could redo anything it would be the dress I wore the first time I got married. It was not the dress I wanted, but rather, the dress my mother wanted me to wear.


I literally just got married last weekend, so all of my wedding redo's are fresh in my mind. First of all, I would have at something, anything, at any point in the day. I had the drinking down, but not the eating. Which led to a pretty miserable following morning. The only other 'redo' I would want, is to stop and actually take a moment to take in what was happening. The whole day is a blur. Granted, that may have something to do with the wine, but I just feel like I missed everything because it all went by so quickly.

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