Indiana is home to thousands of lakes, but what is the biggest one in the state?

I know right now it is too cold to spend the day on a lake here in Indiana, but if you're like me, you have been thinking about going out on the water for quite some time. The warmer weather will be here before you know it, and if you care to venture to the largest lake in the state, it might be closer to home than you think.

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Of course, you might be thinking that the largest lake in Indiana is Lake Michigan. While that is true, Indiana shares that lake with a few other states. However, when it comes to the largest land-bound lake in the state, you won't have to travel all the way to the northernmost point of Indiana to find it.

Largest Lake in Indiana

The largest-land bound lake in the state of Indiana happens to be about 10 miles southeast of Bloomington. Monroe Lake tops the list of the largest land-bound lakes in the state. According to Visit Bloomington:

Monroe Lake is Indiana’s largest land-bound body of water. At nearly 11,000 surface-acres, this lake offers an abundance of space for recreation of all types — no matter the season, there's an activity for everyone to enjoy.
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Google Maps

There are so many things to do at Monroe Lake. We're talking about boating, camping, fishing, hiking, and hanging out on the beach. Plus the area offers things like horseback riding and mountain biking, among several other activities.

You can learn more about the largest land-bound lake in Indiana and even plan your trip to Monroe Lake by clicking here.

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