2019 has definitely been an eye-opening year for me! There have been a few bumps in the road this year like my car being totaled, but I've learned a few new things and was also reminded about some things I had forgotten.

  • I've learned that a lot of things I thought I couldn't live without don't really matter that much at all.
  • I've learned that it's better to be wanted than to be needed.
  • I've learned I have to let some things just happen no matter how bad I want to stop it.
  • I've remember that love not an emotion but an action. An emotion is a state of being i.e. "I am happy" "I am jealous", we don't say "I am love", we say "I love you" which implies doing something.
  • I've remembered that some lessons are best learned the hard way. Sometimes you just have to let people hit that wall.
  • I've remember to never start a sentence with "I hope..." or "I wish ..." hope is the last resort of man without a plan.
  • I've remembered that a plan is only as strong as your will to make it happen.
  • I've learned that people always tell the truth when they think you're not listening.
  • I've remembered that just because we work together does NOT make us friends.
  • I've learned that the more people you include in a plan, the greater the chance of it going wrong so choose you team CAREFULLY!
  • I've learned that if I have to ask TWICE then that's one time too many. Never accept something from someone who doesn't REALLY want to give it to you!
  • I've learned that understanding me doesn't mean AGREEING with me. You can know what I mean and still NOT like it and that's cool...
  • I've remember that no one takes better care of me than me. I'm good at it because I've doing it for YEARS...
  • I've learned that you ask strangers for help, but FRIENDS offer it without making you ask.

What lessons did YOU learn in 2019 that will help make 2020 better? Leave your comments in the box!

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