It's usually easy to spot a stop sign when you are approaching it, but if you ever come across these stop signs in Tennessee, you'll pay even more attention.

Stop signs are pretty generic. The red octagon sign with the word "STOP" printed in white on there is pretty recognizable. We come across them multiple times in a day. They have become something we see, but never really examine. Sometimes people don't even see them at all and just drive past them, but that's a diffrent story.

The word "stop" has been used in songs quite often. I promise, I am going somewhere with this. Think about a song that features the word "stop" in it. I'm sure that you can think of a handful of them. Well, some genius in Tennessee decided to combine some of thos song lyrics with stop signs and they are the most epic stop signs you will ever see.

One of my Theatre professors from Murray State University, Lissa Graham-Schneider, was passing through Buchanan Tennessee (which is about 25 minutes south of Murray, Kentucky), when she noticed a few stop signs that were quite unusual. These stop signs had song lyrics of some popular songs taped onto them, making them stop signs that you would definatley not miss.

I don't know if it is entirely legal to do, but perhaps if we had some stop lights like this in the Evansville area, perhaps some people wouldn't drive right through the intersections. I'm not saying that someone should do this here, but I wouldn't be mad if they did. Check out these epic stop signs from Buchanan, Tennessee.

These Tennessee Stop Signs Are Epic

If you ever find yourself in the Buchanan, Tennessee area, be on the lookout for these stop signs. Who knows, there could be even more out there that we haven't seen.

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