On today's edition of "What Will They Think Of Next", something that ever cat lover is about to download after reading this.

A former Amazon engineer named Javier Sanchez has just created an app that is beyond revolutionary. He used to work on Alexa for Amazon, so let's just say that he is a genius. He is now a project manager with Washington-based tech company called Akvelon. He and his company just developed an app called  MeowTalk.

MeowTalk is an app that actually translates what your cat is saying. Yes, now you can know exactly what your cat is saying to you everytime it speaks up!

According to King 5, Sanchez says that cats don't have a type of language. They don't meow to each other in nature having a cat conversation that you or I might have when we see each other. In fact, MeowTalk focuses on the nine intents that all cats have. These intents are their basic emotions and messages that they give off with specific meows.

Each cat has their own distinct meow, and the app allows users to record their cat’s meow and decodes what it means. It translates things like “I’m hungry” to “I’m happy” and even “I’m in pain” into English. You can even customize translations specific to your own cat. You know your cat better than anyone, so you know that he or she has specific needs or traits. For example, you know what it sounds like when it's angry or when it wants to play. MeowTalk offers the ability to update with custom messages like that.

Now, the app isn't perfect by any means but it does give cat owners a better understanding of their cat. King 5 says that the app is constantly being refined and plans on releasing numerous updates. I'm hoping that Sanchez and his team's next plan is to create an app called BarkTalk, so that I can understand exactly what my dog is telling me every time she barks.

If you are interested, you can get the app right now for Apple or Android for free. However, it seems like you'll need to pay 99 cents to get all the features...but let's be honest, that's probably the least you have ever spent on your cat, and it might serve to be more useful than anything you have ever bought for it!

(H/T- King 5)

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