I absolutely love boy bands. But The Backstreet Boys were hands down one of my favorite boy bands of all time. When I was growing up, you were either team N'Sync or team Backstreet Boys. So naturally,  was team Backstreet Boys all the way. Hearing the band takes me back to the days when I was 8, had sleepovers and we all danced to boy bands until we drove our parents nuts. So I was excited to see that a more current group recently performed a cover of a Backstreet Boys song.

Here is a video of One Direction doing a cover of The Backstreet Boys song 'I Want It That Way." They performed the song live at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden. Personally, Im becoming obsessed with it. But truth be told, I would rather just see the backstreet boys make a comeback, but I suppose this will have to do for now. What do you think of the cover?