For the last time, at least this season, I have compiled the five funniest lines from "America's Judge" Howard Stern.

I can't believe "America's Got Talent" is about to wrap up its biggest season yet!  It's the first season I've actually watched because they picked up the greatest judge on television, Howard Stern.  All season long for you, I've been gathering quotes from Howard.  This will be the final edition.  The first quote came from rockstar painter David Garibaldi & His CMYs' act.  Their final product when the paint dried was a portrait of Albert Einstein:

“Einstein and I have the same hair...  Not the same brain, but the same hair!"

Sharon also joked that she has been physically compared to Albert Einstein...  Howard cut her off:

"Yeah, but you wax your [mustache]."

After the Untouchables, a group of dancers age 8-12, performed, Howard joked about what would happen if yuo gave 8-year-olds a million dollars:

"Can you imagine how out of control they'll be?"

Joe Costillo has been one of my favorite acts all season, he's known as the Sand Art Guy.  Last night he did a portrait of all of the shows hosts and judges.  The last image on the screen was a rough sketch of Howard, to which he noticed:


"That looks like 80's Howard Stern...  Or maybe [Twisted Sister frontman] Dee Snider."


Honestly, my favorite of the six remaining acts, which surprises me a little bit, is the absolutely incredible Olate Dog act.  They brought the house down last night, and one of the furry guys wound up on Sharon's lap.  Howard told Sharon:


"That dog you're holding could be a millionaire!  I've been upstaged by a dog...  Wouldn't be the first time."

TThe last episode of the season is tonight!  I'm pulling for Olate Dogs, but I also would like to see David Garibalidi or Joe Costillo win.  Also, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, and Green Day will be performing live.  Who do you think will win the $1,000,000 tonight?