This morning while gathering news, Kat realized that she didn't know where Pennsylvania was located on a map. This kind of shocked Rob, but in Kat's defense, Rob grew up in Pennsylvania - of course he is going to know where it's located. This made us wonder how many states the three of us could actually locate with out any help.

We each got a blank map of the United States to fill in the best we could. We quickly realized that this was going to be a lot harder than we thought it would be. All three of us were forgetting states, and randomly filling in blanks hoping that maybe they would be right - but they weren't.

Rob said he would be thrilled to get a 75%, anything over a 50% was good enough for Kat, and Chandelle just wanted to get Indiana right. All of us met our goals, but our maps were still pretty unimpressive.

Rob came in first with 78% correct


Chandelle came in second with 74% correct


& Kat came in third with 52% correct


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