Recently the students at Chandler Elementary School celebrated Friendship Day!  Typically on Friendship Day, one of the students' parents will come in with activities and snacks and fun things like that.  Well, when Kendra and I learned that there was a small class in Chandler that didn't have any available parents to come in to celebrate Friendship Day, we grabbed our food and games and set sail for Chandler Elementary School!

We had some juice and candy, did arts and crafts, and wrapped things up with a VERY exciting game of "Are You Smarter Than a D.J.?"  SPOILER ALERT:  They were!  We want to thank the students and faculty, as well as Ms. Gossman, for having us out to celebrate Friendship Day!

Here are some pictures of the fun!  (All photos courtesy Ms. Gossman)

All Photos: Ms. Gossman