We hung out at Parlor Doughnuts today and we already can't wait to go back!

Parlor Doughnuts has been talked about non-stop since it opened up in Downtown Evansville. The sweet spot on NW 3rd Street is walking distance from the studio, so it was only a matter of time before we wandered down there.


We could literally smell (and almost see) the doughnuts from the road -- no joke --these doughnuts are HUGE. They come in an insane amount of flavors and we seriously couldn't choose...so we got a few. For Parlor's full custom-made menu, click here.

The staff was super friendly and informative and helped us make the perfect decision to satisfy our sweet tooth.


We tried the french toast doughnut, which is deemed to be the favorite. And for good reason. It was so rich and delicious that we had to end up splitting it. The croissant-style of the dough makes the doughnuts unique and delicious.

We hung out for a bit, gave out some free KISS106 t-shirts, and mingled with some beautiful people. Nothing makes people happier than doughnuts and coffee in the morning - especially when it's THAT good.


Everybody loves doughnuts!

The family below stood out to us in particular, and we think it's worth mentioning their special reason for visiting Parlor on Thursday morning. This beautiful, extremely kind family was celebrating the adoption of their two sons. It doesn't get much better than that!


They had just left the courthouse and walked down to Parlor Doughnuts to celebrate! We also surprised them with some KISS106 gear and four tickets to see the Thunderbolts tomorrow night at the Ford Center. Happy celebrating!

You never know where Rob and Maddie will pop up next, so keep an eye out!

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