Your favorite foodies hit the Tri-State again to continue Rob's ongoing mission to find the best philly cheese steaks in the area. 

So, Rob and I have kind of taken it upon ourselves to get out and about in our community in search of good food. Honestly, there aren't too many other people better fit for the title of a "foodie" than the two of us. We are always down to try new things, especially if it's honoring Rob's hometown of Philadelphia.

Last week after we tried Comfort by Cross-Eyed Cricket, we decided to ask our listeners where they recommend we go next. Someone recommended Philly Grill and we knew we had to give it a try. We're glad we did!


Philly Grill had tons of options! Rob decided to try their Italian hoagie and cheese fries, and I opted for a grilled chicken salad (I had a big breakfast).


The whole place had Philadelphia sports gear and other paraphernalia riddled along the walls, which made it seem like we were actually in Philly...or at least what I imagine restaurants look like in Philly.


Thanks for the recommendation!


Where do you want to see us pop up next?


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