About three years ago, the stinkbug invasion started. Where were they before then? No idea but now every year from like March to January, our home is crawling (literally) with stinkbugs. They don't seem to hurt anything but damn they are so annoying. And they get everywhere. It's like God, Himself, declared: Forget the plague of locusts. Let there be stinkbugs!

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Here are the most terrible place I have actually found stinkbugs.

In Impossible-to-clean Light Fixtures

You turn them on and all you can see is the bug graveyard.

In Bathroom Vents

Turn on the vent and all you hear is crunch crunch crunch GROSS.

In the Shower

Staring at you while you're naked...

Inside My Pants

What's that crawling up my leg?!!!

In My Hair

They get everywhere.

Under My Covers

Nothing like a nightmare about being attacked only to wake up next to a creepy crawly.

In My Morning Coffee

I get up early and work in the dark. Let's just say it's not fun to get to the bottom of your cuppa Joe and find a friend taking a swim.

Mashed in My Taters

No lie, we ate dinner one night and when I was putting away the mashed potatoes, I found a ground up stinkbug. Lord. Have. Mercy.

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