Guns & Hoses has become insanely popular here in Evansville.  Since 2008, the boxing match featuring TRUE HEROES pits our local-area police officers against our local-are firefighters and all of the proceeds go to charity, the amazing 9-1-1 Gives Hope!  The Boys in Blue evened the score 5-5 in the tenth annual event.  Even better, the event raised $137,000 for charity...  More than $16,000 more than last year, and their best year yet!


The opening to the event is a real sight to behold!  Featuring lights, video, sound, and pyrotechnics, it does a great job getting the audience hyped for a night of incredible boxing action!  I shot some video, so you can check it out.  But I assure you, it's much cooler to experience in person!


Stick around to the end end to catch a cameo from the new voice of Guns & Hoses, and KISS-FM's own, Ryan O'Bryan!

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