Guns & Hoses 15 is in the books and it was another incredible night of fights inside the Ford Center as local first responders representing law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical response departments traded their respective uniforms for boxing gloves and headgear all to raise money for children with disabilities here in the Tri-State.

While the event didn't hit the mark of selling just over 9,000 tickets to become a sell-out, it came pretty close with just under 8,000 fans in attendance ready to cheer on the fighters representing their team of choice. From the moment the first bell rang in fight number one, all the way until the final bell of fight 15, the atmosphere inside the Ford Center was electric, with each crowd rising to their feet anytime a fighter from the team they were cheering for started to get the upper hand on their opponent.

Plus, for the first time in Guns & Hoses history, there was live entertainment from the KISS tribute band, SHE, who performed the National Anthem during the opening ceremony, then gave an amazing two-song performance during intermission.

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Who Won Guns & Hoses 15?

Entering the night the overall series was tied up seven to seven. While there is a traveling belt awarded to the winning team each year, the real championship for the teams is having the ability to remind the other team who won until the next event rolls around in a year.

When all was said and done, it was Team Hoses who got the win 8-7, giving them the overall series lead. There's no doubt Team Guns will be ready to come out guns a-blazin' next year at Guns & Hoses 16.

Watch Each Fight From Guns & Hoses 15

If you were there, you know it was another incredible night. One that's energy is up there with any concert that comes to town. If you didn't make it for whatever reason, then you're in luck. All 15 fights were filmed and released this week by 911 Gives Hope. Check them out below and once you're done, I'm confident you'll be itching for Guns & Hoses 16 to get here so you can see it in person.

Guns & Hoses 15 Opening Ceremony

Fight #1

Fight #2

Fight #3

Fight #4

Fight #5

Fight #6

Fight #7

Fight #8

Fight #9

Fight #10

Fight #11

Fight #12

Fight #13

Fight #14

Fight #15

[Source: 911 Gives Hope on YouTube]

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