As states begin the reopening process, one of the biggest questions we all have is about live events and concerts. There could be thousands of people at one event, sharing the same air. This is a huge concern, causing many artists to cancel their 2020 tours.

Personally, I am so sad that concerts have been put on hold, but I know it's for everyone's health and safety. I hope that  our venues and stadiums will be able to figure out a way to host live events safely.

VenuWorks owned Victory Theatre and The Ford Center would like the public's input before they tackle reopening. The 'Fan Survey' for Evansville includes ten questions and a blank space to write in additional comments.

The questions cover many of the concerns you might have before attending a concert, sporting event or theatre performance. Questions like:

Will you attend an event if you are required to pass a temperature screening?

Will you attend an event if you are required to wear to mask?

The Ford Center and Victory Theatre previously announced the status of a variety of upcoming concerts and sporting events.  Here's the list of what has been cancelled, postponed, and rescheduled. If you have tickets for a show that has been postponed, hang on to your tickets. The original tickets will still be valid for those shows.

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